Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (English Review)

Titel Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (English Review) (2016)
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The Rebellion makes a risky move to steal the plans for the Death Star, setting up the epic saga to follow.


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It is with an indescribable excitement in my body I take my seat in the IMAX theater, taking a few deep breaths. Finally, finally, it is time to see the other parts of the Star Wars universe that I have come to love and hold so dear over the years. Then finally the famous words appear on the big screen ”A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ….”. In an instant all the butterflies my stomach can produce is released and suddenly I feel like a little boy again, filled with adrenaline.

Once the film gets going, it’s as it should be with a Star Wars movie, you are greeted by amazingly beautiful environments, and for a while you sit and think about where in the world do they find these cool locations? And how many of these is there left? Given that they more or less have been all over the world in order to find these locations in previous movies. Especially impressive was the environment at the beginning and end of the film, which has been filmed in Iceland and the Maldives. The latter recording site personally came as a surprise, but oh such a positive one! (Psst: If someone at Lucasfilm is in the unlikelihood of reading this review, I really like to see more exotic locations, like the ones in the end of the movie.)

Looking at the movie from a purely visual aspect, like already stated, the scenes take place in extremely beautiful environments, and so there are some wonderful angles and images, especially at the beginning of the movie. But as I read more about how they have filmed everything, it feels like no one really took the film seriously. First, the movie is shot digitally (which certainly does not have to be a disadvantage), and secondly, it is not filmed with IMAX equipment, which to me feels like taking the ”easy” (for lack of better words) equipment and then post-processing the movie instead of filming analog and / or with proper IMAX equipment. However, I will admit that it was never something that was noticeable in the movie and it does not appear in any way that the movie is neglected, but rather based on information obtained afterwards.

If you look at the casting, it’s as perfect as you would expect, one of my own observations is that most of the characters are played by actors who is older than I had expected they would be. Admittedly, it tells something about me, but above all, it says a lot about the industry as a whole (yes, Michael Bay I am looking at you!). What I could see it is at least two Scandinavians in the movie, where one is Mads Mikkelsen, who’s got a bigger role in the movie. In addition to that we also get a glimpse of a Swedish actor who also has a speaking role, which of course is fun as a Swede to see.

Speaking of the fixation at age in this business we can also take a look at the genus part. Even though there was some fuzz last year when ”The Force Awakens” premiered, featuring female main character Rey, the world did not know what to do when the merchandise and yoys released from the movie did not include its star Rey. It is nice to see that LucasFilm/Disney has continued to let a woman e the main character in their stories and it feels as though we are at least moving in the right direction regarding all forms of discrimination that has been characterizing this business for far too long.

Speaking of the similarities between ”Rouge One” and “The Force Awakens” there is another one worth pointing out, namely that if you take a closer look at all the characters and their pros and cons, it is, believe it or not, once again a robot/droid, by the namn K-2SO, that has the biggest heart and rather quickly becomes an extremely beloved and sympathic character.

To summarize it all, it is a different Star Wars movie, that being said it is still a fresh and very pleasant experience even if it is not an “Episode movie” ut he first of the planned “Story movies”. And I believe that there is something about the movie not being an “ordinary installation and that a sequel is impossible (since the fate of the death star is told in the first Star Wars movie) that gives the movie that little extra thing and makes the whole Star Wars experience one step sharper. That the movie also was more tha approved by George Lucas himself testifies that it is something extraordinary.

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